“There is something that is much more scarce, something rarer than ability. It is the ability to recognize ability.”
– Robert Half

360-degree Review

We are renowned for our unique approach towards bespoke 360- degree processes. Unlike most consultancies, we incorporate both rigorous qualitative and quantitative data to achieve results.

Whilst we use traditional questionnaires for high volume 360s (30 candidates and above), we are renowned for our unique approach in designing a 360 process that reflects management competencies, emotional intelligence and transformational leadership performance criteria in a specific role. Our method involves the following stages:

  • Creating bespoke, competency-based, one-on-one interviews for each participant.
  • Drawing out evidential responses from a range of perspectives including direct reports and managers, using both qualitative and quantitative data that is then meticulously analysed.
  • Conducting 3- hour, detailed feedback sessions with the individual
  • Generating a report outlining strengths, areas for development and individual and business recommendations.


In this day of increased global competition, high performing people are an organisation’s key asset. We assess individuals at all levels, and our bespoke approach enables us to work with a wide range of assessment requirements.

Although many companies solely provide off-the-shelf services, we understand that the needs of companies differ greatly; therefore each assessment will be entirely bespoke to reflect the budget and level of the role. We are flexible in our approach, and offer solutions that range from brief reports to in-depth assessments.

Our bespoke offerings might incorporate the following:

  • An analysis of individuals against pre-determined competencies using psychometric tests, exercises, roles-plays and interviews.
  • A 3-4 hour behavioural interview providing feedback on the personality questionnaires to the candidate and asking further questions.
  • Bespoke assessments based on our analysis of our findings on the personality, mind-set and motivation of the individual.
  • An outline of the individual’s drivers, strengths and weaknesses, derailers, unique insight, areas for questioning, risks for hiring, and recommendations.

Psychometric Testing Summary

We work with some of the most popular psychometric ability and personality tests worldwide, including the Hogan Assessment Suite, MBTI, and the OPQ.

Our team of consultants possess a wide range of different skills, and between us, we are licensed to use every psychometric test registered with the British Psychological Society, from ability to personality, and for development or recruitment purposes. This enables us to advise clients on the appropriate test for their particular needs, rather than pushing one product.

Examples of some of the tests we use are:

  • Hogan Assessment Suite – HPI, HDS, and
  • MPVI insight reports
  • OPQ personality inventory, personnel test battery.
  • NEO Personality Inventory (NEO PI-R)
  • SHL – verbal and numerical reasoning,
  • MBTI – Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • EIQ – Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (individual and 360 degree)
  • Decision Styles
  • The 16PF-5
  • WAVE Personality Test
  • Type Dynamic Indicator
  • Firo B
  • Motivation Questionnaire
  • Managerial Styles Questionnaire
  • TLQ – 360 degree transformational leadership questionnaire
  • Watson Glaser verbal critical reasoning
  • GMA Abstract Reasoning test