“If there is any characteristic that is distinctively human,
it is the capability for reflective self-consciousness”
– Albert Bandura

Executive Coaching

Our highly experienced coaches draw from a wealth of psychology, counselling, and business experience to enable talented individuals to identify and develop transformational leadership skills and behaviours to achieve organisational goals.

With over 20 years of experience we believe in the importance of matching coach and coachee, by using the ‘chemistry meeting’ to ascertain coaching needs and expectations in line with individual and corporate goals. Our team of psychologists, business coaches, and consultants deliberately have a mix of expertise and approaches to reflect the personality and workstyle of each individual we work with.

The first and critical stage of our coaching approaches is to take the time to accurately understand the individual and diagnose strengths and challenges the individual is keen to focus on. To do this, we may use 360-degree feedback, emotional intelligence insight or personality questionnaires to inform the coaching objectives. We work in a structured manner, setting a detailed time frame in which to achieve the coaching objectives.

We typically work on areas such as:

  • Decision-making and judgement
  • Performance management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication techniques
  • Authentic leadership style
  • Influencing and persuading style
  • Relationship management (up to board level)
  • Strategic thinking and implementation
  • Driving organisational change
  • Managing stress and maintaining emotional resilience

Career Coaching

With an empathetic, engaging and challenging approach, our skills enable us to help individuals with career transitions, identifying career options and finding the next role.

We enable clients to create career objectives and develop a plan to achieve them, whilst also providing strong psychological support. Our work ranges from helping individuals who are presently in a role and looking for promotion or career development internally, to those looking for a new role or to transfer their skills to another sector.

Using interviews and discussions with one of our consultants, coupled with psychometric personality and motivation questionnaires, we help clients with the following:

  • Coping with career transitions
  • Identifying transferable traits and competencies
  • Exploring potential roles and sectors
  • Creating a detailed plan to enable the individual to find and achieve their desired role
  • CV Writing and biographies
  • Interview skills
  • Building self-esteem and ‘selling oneself’
  • Expanding social capital and networking

Stress Management

Our Occupational Psychologist uses an integrative approach to stress management based on current neuroscience, cognitive behavioural therapy, solution focussed therapy, mindfulness based stress reduction, and a vast body of research on emotional self-regulation.

The sessions are designed to encourage powerful, sustainable change based on learning how to calm difficult emotional states on both a physiological and a cognitive level. Practical support in tackling root causes of stress may also be offered in the form of coaching to improve assertiveness, communication and interpersonal skills, problem solving abilities, depending on what is required.

The sessions are conducted in a 1-1 format using a style that is highly supportive and empathetic yet also thought-provoking and challenging.

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