My coaching sessions with Victoria Wall are inspiring, thought provoking, challenging and rewarding. Victoria has a way of getting to the nub of an issue and coaching me in a way that I leave my sessions having found the answers for myself, it’s a wonderful talent that she has! Having run a successful business for a number of years I thought I had a fairly good understanding of effective management techniques but my coaching has helped me gain perspective and new insight into how we can face the challenges of today and secure a profitable business and a motivated team at the same time. I look forward to my sessions because even if I don’t think I am going to learn something new I find that I do every single time.
Managing Director - International Exhibitions Group
Victoria has coached me and a number of my colleagues over the past 3 years, and we have all felt significant benefits of differing kinds as a result of her work. The changes she has brought to some of us have been quite literally career changing, (in a positive way), and have been noticed widely throughout our company and the market in which we operate.
Group Director - Private Equity Firm
I have worked with Victoria for over 5 years, where she has provided Executive Coaching and Leadership Consulting during a period of unprecedented and extended change across our industry. Victoria’s no-nonsense yet supportive coaching style, razor-sharp insightfulness and wide experience has brought immense value to the firm in general, and specifically to myself as my teams continue to step-up, respond and adapt. I wholeheartedly recommend Victoria for anyone who needs to deliver sustainable change, and where getting the best out of people and teams is critical in achieving your goals.
Head of Client Reporting and E-Commerce - Major Hedge Fund
Victoria has a knack for getting to the heart of a problem. Over the years, she has challenged, supported and developed me into being a better leader, alongside helping me accept and understand myself. She has incredible insight and has been there for me when I most needed it and when it most mattered.   As a Director and C-suite executive,  I can honestly say that without Victoria’s coaching, I would not have achieved as many mutually positive outcomes in my business.
COO – Leading international insurance company

Team building and training

Victoria combines a sharp mind with the ability to quickly understand motivations of individuals and the resulting team dynamics. Always focussed and well prepared, she knows how to identify and address difficult issues. She expresses them clearly and in a non-confrontational way, bringing benefit to the whole team

Leadership assessment and development

For the past few years Victoria has coached both me and certain members of my senior management team. She has also facilitated "C" level executive strategic off-sites. Her style is to provide a mixture of challenge and support which has helped me develop as a leader, enabling me to identify personal and corporate goals. By working with me and through the off-sites, our business has benefited from a renewed sense of direction and achievement. We have also gained a better understanding of one another, making the team much more effective. For an executive group who are keen to deliver a strategy and who are receptive to challenge, I would have no hesitation in recommending Victoria.
Chief Executive Officer - Lloyd's Underwriting Business

Mindfulness and stress management

This course fundamentally shifted my mind-set, leaving me feeling fully empowered over my emotions and responses to set backs and stresses. Shelly's approach is unique in that it is based entirely on the science of the brain - she fully explains, in layman's terms, the physiological drivers behind our response to life triggers, and correspondingly, the practical actions we need to take to manage these drivers and return to clear headed thinking.
Partner, Investment Fund
Shelly, I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how privileged I feel to have been able to follow your Emotional regulation and mindfulness course. It has changed my life for the better. Mainly, I feel better with myself; I am now accepting of who I am and feel like I have so much less pressure on my shoulders. This makes me a better mum, wife, friend, employee, boss. When you were teaching this course, you were so inspiring and looked like this is what you were meant to do. You looked totally in your element. Please pursue this route for yourself first but also for all the lives you could change along your path.
Manager, financial organisation
I attended a course with Shelly (VWA Consulting) on ‘Mindful Emotional Regulation’ and it has had a hugely positive impact on my emotional wellbeing, both at home and at work.   We started the course learning about some of the fundamentals of how our brains have evolved and as a consequence drive our behaviours.  For me personally, it was interesting and important to understand the science on which the course was based and Shelly continued to explain the scientific evidence throughout the course.    We considered why the current environments in which we live and work are causing issues for our emotional regulation, and using a combination of discussion and practice e.g. brain based breathing exercises, we worked through ways in which to manage this.    Shelly’s passion for her subject is so engaging and her voice could soothe away almost any trouble going!
Head of Operational Excellence, Technology Business